Our Mission

It is the mission of Western Alternative Corrections, Inc. (WAC, Inc.) to provide comprehensive reentry programming to justice involved individuals. Utilizing targeted behavioral and cognitive interventions to address faulty thinking and behavior, individuals will develop effective life skills and positive coping strategies to aid in their successful reentry to the community.

Our History

Western Alternative Corrections, Inc., owned by Michelle Hultine and Marc Hultine, has been delivering comprehensive reentry services since 2008. From 2008 to 2016, WAC, Inc. held contracts with the Bureau of Prisons/Department of Justice to deliver residential reentry and home confinement services through the program, Bristol Station. Individuals served included adults transitioning out of Federal incarceration into the community. The program provided a safe, structured environment in which participants were offered cognitive-behavioral programming, as well as case management services to aid in their successful reentry to the community. In 2016, WAC, Inc. had the opportunity to begin working with the State of Nebraska, Department of Correctional Services, to deliver residential reentry/transitional housing services through the Vocational and Life Skills Grant. Through the Bristol Station Residential Reentry program, WAC, Inc. was one of the first structured residential reentry/transitional housing facilities utilized on a state level in Nebraska. WAC, Inc. did not modify the residential reentry program in use as the model was proven to be effective. WAC, Inc. continues to be a leader in comprehensive residential reentry/transitional housing services in Nebraska.

In 2017, WAC, Inc. began pursuing, and successfully obtaining Clinical Treatment Service contracts with the Bureau of Prisons. Through these contracts, WAC, Inc. has established clinical services in several states throughout the United States.

WAC, Inc. continues to establish various contracts, as well as procure additional grants in an effort to continue to deliver comprehensive reentry services, both residential and clinical, to justice involved individuals.


Western Alternative Corrections, Inc. provides comprehensive residential reentry programming to justice involved individuals through the program at Bristol Station Residential Reentry Center. Risk factors associated with recidivism rates are identified through a validated risk/needs assessment, and reentry services are guided by the Risk, Need and Responsivity principles which dictate the degree, and type, of individualized services and programming provided to each participant. Program participants are provided an opportunity to participate in evidence-based, cognitive-behavioral programs which help correct maladaptive thinking patterns and develop more prosocial approaches. The overall goal of the program at Bristol Station is to increase public safety by lowering the recidivism risk for each participant.

Western Alternative Corrections, Inc. also provides clinical treatment services to justice involved individuals transitioning out of incarceration through contracts with the Bureau of Prisons/Department of Justice, as well as United States Probation and Pretrial Services. WAC, Inc. provides mental health, substance use, offense-specific treatment, as well as psychiatric and medication-assisted treatment throughout the United States through these contracts.